Current University of Michigan PharmD students can apply to be facilitators, instructors, and/or tutors for the PC3 program. Learn more about the different opportunities below. 

  • Facilitators
    • Residential (2): Will support the students who are on campus and living in the dorms. Will live in the dorms for the first week, then can be off campus. Will meet regularly with the students and support them in their academic work, take them on excursions (evening and weekends), and be a source of information and support throughout the program.
    • Virtual (1): Will support 1-3 students who are not able to attend in person. These are non-traditional students who will participate virtually. Will work with the program director to create appropriate programming for them, and will be a source of information and support throughtout the program. May need to be available on some weekends to meet in person with these students.
  • Instructors (4-6): Will teach multi-session courses in intro and advanced biology, general chemistry, college math, intro to ethics (working with patients), careers in pharmacy, and possibly intro biochemistry.
    • You can teach more than one course.
    • Courses will be taught during the day.
  • Tutors (2+): Will meet with students in the evenings to provide tutoring, both group and individual.

To express your interest in any of these positions, please sign up at . We will follow up with you.


For additional information, please contact Asst. Dean Regina McClinton at .

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Friday, February 3, 2023
Friday, February 3, 2023