Are you interested in the PharmD program at Michigan? Do you have advanced standing? Complete the BSPS and PharmD programs in 7 years instead of 8 years!

How does "Fast Tracking" work?

If you earn a minimum of 105 credits by the end of your junior year, complete PharmD prerequisites and make significant progress in the BSPS program, and gain admission to the PharmD program, you may "fast track" to begin your PharmD in senior year and earn your BSPS degree at the end of P1. PharmSci 400, PharmSci 402 #1, MedChem 410, and PharmSci 402 #2 will be waived and 15 credits will be double counted to help you reach 120 credits for your undergraduate degree. 

   First Year (30 cr)
+ Sophomore Year (30 cr)
+ Junior Year (30 cr)
+ AP, IB, Summer courses (min 15 cr)
= 105 credits
+ P1 Academic Year in PharmD program (15 cr double counted) 
= 120 credits (BSPS degree conferred)

What is the difference between the BSPS and PharmD degrees?

The BSPS is an undergraduate degree that focuses on the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Graduates of the BSPS program are not eligible for licensure as pharmacists. 

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a professional graduate degree that prepares students to become licensed health professionals. Pharmacists are medication experts responsible for dispensing medicines, patient counseling, and other roles in disease state management.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Tuesday, October 11, 2016