At the College of Pharmacy, we create tomorrow’s leaders, not just by teaching the latest scientific facts, but also by promoting independent, analytical thinking inside and outside the classroom.  Important elements of this process are leadership-building opportunities existent both in the curriculum as well as through extracurricular pharmacy professional organizations and other avenues that promote personal and professional growth. The Leadership Scholars Program (LSP) celebrates those whose actions, attitudes, and accomplishments demonstrate leadership in the service of the profession, the College, fellow students, and the community at large and helps foster additional growth.

The Leadership Scholars Program (LSP) is a co-curricular educational program in which pharmacy students are selected based on student leadership activities, academic record, and a rigorous selection process.  The LSP supplements traditional leadership activities embedded in the curriculum and student organizations by using a variety of learning approaches. The LSP is coordinated by College of Pharmacy administrators (Associate Deans and Director of Advancement).

Each student accepted into the LSP receives a monetary scholarship provided by alumni donors.  Scholarships for the LSP include the following:

  • For P2s advancing to their P3 year:  Joseph D. Williams Leadership Scholarship ($5,000), Gloria Francke Excellence Scholarship ($5,000), Elise Katz-Rouhier Memorial Scholarship ($5,000), Frank J. Ascione Leadership Scholarship ($5,000), Richard T. Hough and Nancy R. Hough Leadership Scholarship ($5,000), and Fred and Dee Lyons Leadership Scholarship ($5,000)
  • For P3s advancing to their P4 year:  Fred and Dee Lyons Leadership Scholarship ($10,000)

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Friday, January 24, 2014
Friday, January 24, 2014