Open Letter to the Community

The distinguished history and reputation of the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy have allowed us to maintain a strong applicant pool and outstanding student body.  However, the pharmacy landscape is changing.  The number of pharmacy school applicants nationwide is declining at a time when the number of accredited pharmacy schools has exploded (from 87 in 2005 to 140 today) and State support for higher education is declining.  The national competition for outstanding pharmacy students is at an all-time high. 

The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy has begun a plan to restructure its tuition and scholarship program for the PharmD program over the next three years, beginning with the 2017-18 academic year.  This plan includes a shift in tuition to reduce the differential between resident and non-resident tuition rates for students in our professional degree program, thus creating a tuition and scholarship structure that allows us to compete for the best students.

The plan also includes expanded flexibility for the allocation of our substantial scholarship program, assuring that we can mitigate tuition increases for current in-state students. Our scholarship program is considered the most generous program of any College of Pharmacy in the nation, thanks to our alumni and friends of the College.

These proactive changes in our tuition and scholarship model will allow us to build on our success as a national program.  In June 2017, the Board of Regents approved a 9.6% increase in tuition for Michigan residents and a 7% decrease in tuition for non-Michigan residents in our PharmD program. We recognize that this is a substantial increase in tuition for Michigan residents.  Our new tuition and scholarship model allows us to minimize the impact on our current students and continue to attract the best students in Michigan, the nation, and around the world. 


Go Blue!

Dean Jim Dalton

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