LC/MS/MS Systems


Several considerations go in to the selection of the right instrument to support your sample analyses. For one, it’s not just the molecular mass (m) but also the charge (z) or the m/z ratio that determines the measurement range. We will help identify the right instrument to serve your needs.

Orbitrap ID-X















Thermo Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid MS  combines the best of quadrupole, ion trap and Orbitrap mass analysis in a revolutionary Tribrid architecture to enable scientists analyzing the most challenging low-abundance, high-complexity samples to identify more compounds faster, quantify more accurately and elucidate structures more thoroughly. Mass range of 50 to 2000m/z; resolution of up to 500,000FWHM; scan speed of up to 40Hz. In combination with Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid Mass Spectrometer supporting the Thermo Scientific Aquire X intelligent MSn data acquisition strategy, Compound Discovery software offering a full suite of advanced software tools for known-parent and unknown compound identification. Mass Frontier 8.0 software can be used to capture more low-abundance analytes through streamlined data analysis and mass spectral prediction tools.





Sciex 6600plus TripleTof HPLC separations with Quantitative Time-of-Flight technologies, coupled with AP-MALDI source also.

High resolution mass spectrometer (HR-MS) was build for large-scale quantitation and flexible use. It extends the power and features of TripleTOF technology, delivering high performance and reproducibility. Alongside the TripleTOF® 6600plus, SCIEX introduces the innovation of Scanning SWATH® Acquisition, to be hosted on the system. Scanning SWATH is the ultimate approach for immortalizing a sample by creating a digital data record of all detectable analytes. Specification: MS/MS resolution, up to 30,000 FWHM; scan speed, up to 100 Hz, TOF Mass range of 5 to 40,000m/z.






Sciex X500R QTOF HPLC separations with Quantitative Time-of-Flight technologies.

High resolution mass spectrometer (HR-MS) appropriate for Food, Environmental, Forensic applications. Includes an All-in-One HR-MS library ermits rapid interrogation of MS/MS spectra against a library of 2200 compounds. The simple, balanced hardware design combined with the new SCIEX OS software user interface.

Mass Range TOF - Up to 40 kDa. Precursor ion selection: 5-2250 m/z. 
Mass Accuracy- Less than 2 ppm RMS over 12 hours of LC-MS
Ionization Sources - Turbo V ion source with Twin Sprayer ESI Probe 
TOF-MS Resolution and Speed - ≥ 42,000 (FWHM), and up to 100 Hz.



AB Sciex 5500 Qtrap coupled with Shimadzu 20A UFLC.

Bench top hybrid triple quadrupole-linear accelerator trap mass spectrometer designed for LC-MS/MS analyses. Predominantly for ultra-sensitive, low-recovery quantification of drugs from tissue, plasma, and in vitro samples, as well as metabolite identification with Information-Dependent Acquisition techniques. Scan types: Full scan MS and selected ion for both Q1 and Q3, product ion scan, precursor ion scan, neutral loss or gain scan, multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), enhanced MS scan, enhanced product ion scan, enhanced resolution scan, MS  scan, MRM3 scan, and TripleTrap scan modes





AB Sciex 4500 Qtrap coupled with Shimadzu 20A UFLC. 

Robustness and performance for the application of contaminant analysis, drug monitoring research, peptide quantitation, drug discovery and development. 
Mass range: Triple quadrupole: 5 – 2,000 Da. linear ion trap: 50 - 2,000 Da
Polarity switching: 50 msec in MRM and Scheduled MRM™ modes
Linear ion trap scan speed: 20,000 Da/sec
Scan types: Q1 MS, Q3 MS, product ion, precursor ion, neutral loss or gain, MRM, EMS, EPI, ER, MS3, MRM3, TripleTrap™ Scanning







Waters Xevo TQD Triple Quadrupole MS coupled with Waters UPLC 

A faster device for sensitive chemical detection with














AB Sciex 4000 Qtrap coupled with Shimadzu 20A UFLC. 

Robustness and performance for the application of contaminant analysis, drug monitoring research, peptide quantitation, drug discovery and development. Sensitive detection up to 12,000 FWHM resolution.










AB Sciex 3200 Qtrap coupled with Agilent 1200 HPLC. 

This system performs Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) scans, resulting in high quantitative sensitivity for clinical studies.







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