You’ll find no better value, opportunity, or preparation for success as a PharmD candidate than at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. 

Career Paths for Class of 2021  
Residency Programs Community Pharmacy Other Employment Fellowships Unknown
55% 6% 5% 9% 20%

80% of graduates were satisfied with their post-graduation employment plans at the time of graduation.

We’re a small school within one of the world’s most prestigious universities; students are required to complete a major research project; we’re affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System – a world-class health care and research organization. These factors combine to make our PharmD program an outstanding choice for your professional training.

We choose to maintain our enrollment at 85 students per class to ensure that you have solid educational and experiential opportunities. We provide real-world learning with over 500 experienced, dedicated preceptors at more than 200 sites. The goal is to provide exposure to all facets of the field, increase awareness of health care issues, enhance critical thinking, and improve patient care skills.

Best Value

- Competitive tuition: consistently lower than our top 10 peers
- Substantial scholarship support available for students 

Unmatched Opportunity

- World-class practice and teaching at the University of Michigan Health System
- Small class size (typically 85) with an enviable student/faculty ratio of 4:1
- Multi-year research projects
- Inter-professional classes with medical, dentistry, nursing, public health, and social work students
- Faculty who are nationally renowned clinical practitioners and researchers

Proven Success

  Class of 2021 Class of 2020 Class of 2019
On-time graduation rate in single degree pathway




NAPLEX results for 1st time test takers^




^NAPLEX data as reported through NAPB (link)
- Unparalleled success of graduates recruited and selected for the nation's leading residency and fellowship programs
- 98% of alumni from the Class of 2021 said they would choose UM College of Pharmacy for their education if they were to do it again


Professional Licensure Disclosure

Please see our professional licensure disclosure for additional information regarding the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Michigan and licensing as a pharmacist. 


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