Gregory Amidon received his BS in medicinal chemistry and his PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Michigan. After 28 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he returned to the College of Pharmacy in 2007 as a research professor of pharmaceutical sciences. He currently directs the Pharmaceutical Engineering program, jointly sponsored by the College of Engineering and the College of Pharmacy. 

He has held various research positions in R&D and is recognized for his expertise in the physical, chemical, and mechanical property characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and products as well as the development of scientific strategies for oral solid dosage form development. 

Professor Amidon has served on the USP Council of Experts since 1990 and currently chairs the General Chapters – Physical Analysis Expert Committee. He is a member and Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).  He is currently President-Elect of AAPS (2014-2015).  Dr. Amidon is also a recipient of the Ebert Prize from the American Pharmaceutical Association and the 2014 AAPS Research Achievement Award in Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics.

Research Interests

  • Oral bioperformance assessment

  • The utilization of cocrystals to enhance oral drug delivery

  • Characterizing the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of pharmaceutical solids

Selected Publications

  • DM Mudie, Y Shi, H Ping, P Gao, GL Amidon, GE Amidon, “Mechanistic Analysis of Solute Transport in an In Vitro Physiological Two-Phase Dissolution Apparatus”, Biopharm Drug Dispos, 33(7):378-402 (2012).

  • J Miller, A Beiq, BJ Krieg, R Carr, GE Amidon, GL Amidon, A Dahan, “The Solubility-Permeability Interplay: Mechanistic Modeling and Predictive Application of the Impact of Micellar Solubilization on Intestinal Permeation”, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 8:1848-56 (2011).

  • DM Mudie, GL Amidon, GE Amidon, “Physiological Parameters for Oral Delivery and In Vitro Testing”, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 7(5):1388-1405 (2010).

  • RM Iyer, GE Amidon, “The Impact of Hot Melt Extrusion and Spray Drying on Mechanical Properties and Tableting Indices of Materials Used in Pharmaceutical Development”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 102(10) 3604-3613. (2013).

  • C Maheshwari, A Jayasankar, N AKhan, GE Amidon, N Rodríguez-Hornedo,” Factors that Influence the Spontaneous Formation of Pharmaceutical Cocrystals by Simply Mixing Solid Reactants”, Cryst. Eng Comm 11(3) 493-500. (2009).