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Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • What is the time commitment for PC3?

    PC3 requires that all students fully participate in the weekly activities for the summer program. This includes orientation activities, classes, workshops, shadowing opportunities, tutoring or studying, excursions, and more.

    Because there will be so many activities and opportunities for engagement, students are expected to be committed to the program from morning (around 8AM EST) to evening (around 8PM EST). While each day will vary in its schedule, PC3 will aim to stay in that time frame.

  • What resources are there for transferring to U-M?

    U-M's College of Literature, Sciences, and Arts (LSA) Transfer Student Center hosts a Virtual Transfer Student Panel for prospective and admitted transfer students. Keep an eye out for their upcoming dates on their website and register to learn from a panel of LSA Transfer Student Ambassadors to learn more about their experiences on U-M's campus as a transfer student. The Transfer Student Center also hosts a LSA Transfer Information Session for prospective transfer students. Register to learn about LSA's requirements, how transfer credit works, and more!

    If you're interested in transferring to U-M, we also recommend you check out the Transfer Bridges program, which is for Michigan community college students looking to transfer to U-M. The program takes place at certain community colleges and offers co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities, mentorship, and advising! You can see if Transfer Bridges is available at your institution, and read more about it here.

  • Does participating in PC3 guarantee that I can transfer to U-M and be accepted into the U-M COP PharmD program?

    No, participation in PC3 does not gaurantee your transfer and acceptance into U-M or U-M's COP PharmD program.