Teaching Excellence Awards

The Teaching Excellence Award recognizes exceptional teaching in the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy PharmD and PhD programs. Selection criteria for the award includes: clear and logical presentation of material, fair and appropriate evaluations of student performance, ability to motivate students, responsiveness to students’ needs, and innovation in teaching methods or content.

Year Recipient
2022 Jolene Bostwick
2021 Rima Mohammad
2020 Sarah Vordenberg
2019 Mustapha Beleh
2018 Steve Erickson
2017 Gundy Sweet
2016 David Frame
2015 Kristin Klein
2014 Jolene Bostwick
2013 Gundy Sweet
2012 Barry Bleske
2011 Bruce Mueller
2010 Peggy Carver
2009 Tami Remington
2008 Victor Yang
2007 Heather Carlson
2006 Hae Mi Choe
2005 Cary Johnson
2004 Leslie Shimp
2003 David Smith
2002 Nancy Mason
2001 Ronald Woodard
2000 Lynda Welage
1999 Rosemary Berardi


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Monday, April 9, 2018
Monday, April 9, 2018