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Congratulations to Professor Karen Farris for winning the American Pharmacists Association’s Tyler Prize for Stimulation of Research!

The Tyler Prize for Stimulation of Research recognizes an individual(s) for encouraging research by peers, students, fellows, residents, and others via publications or by directing research, serving as a preceptor, or mentoring in any discipline of the pharmaceutical sciences. This award is considered one of the three most prestigious APhA scientific awards and is presented every 3 years.

Dr. Karen Farris recieves the Tyler Prize for Stimulation of Research


Creating Pragmatic Tools for Reliable Kidney Function Measurements in Patients with Kidney Impairment

Speaker Photo

Levi Hooper will be presenting on 12/4/2023 from 12-1:30pm in room 1544 NUB. A zoom link can be found on the following flier, we hope to see you there!

Levi Hooper, PharmD, is a 3rd-year CPTS PhD candidate whose research focuses on developing clinically translatable methods that accurately quantify kidney function across a broad range of kidney impairments. Through this research, Levi’s goals are to improve drug dosing, decrease drug toxicity, and improve health outcomes for patients with kidney disease. Levi’s long-term research goals include empowering precision dosing of current and new therapeutic interventions and improving clinical trial design and translatability.