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This page contains important information and resources to assist you in navigating through the current U-M and College of Pharmacy precautions during COVID-19. Please check back to this page often as the content will be updated regularly with new information and resources.


Up-to-date information on vaccination, prevention, testing, monitoring, and FAQ's for students.



Students are encouraged to use this Q&A page to ask the COP Administration any questions and/or concerns regarding the upcoming academic term.


  • Facilities assistance:  Stasi Mehaffey 734-615-6241
  • IT assistance:  4-HELP (734-764-4357)
  • Non-911 emergencies after hours, including urgent maintenance issues:  U-M Dept. of Public Safety & Security 734-763-1131
  • Counseling & Psychological Svcs. for Students:  734-764-8312
Current Updates and Resources during COVID-19

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Thursday, March 12, 2020
Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Classes

    Please view your schedule in Wolverine Access, paying attention to mode of instruction, class location, and whether your class meets synchronously or asynchronously.  You can then make schedule changes as needed.  If you need assistance, please contact your advisor to choose new classes or sections.

    The mode of instruction in most classes will be one of the following:

    • In Person: All students meet in-person together for all class sessions.
    • Hybrid due to COVID:  A hybrid class format means students attend some class sessions in-person and attend other class sessions remotely.
    • Distance due to COVID:  All students are remote.

    (Note: There are also courses marked "Distance" for programs that are completely online and "Hybrid" for courses that normally would have had a mix of in-person and online formats before COVID.)

    Please note that courses with multiple components may have a different mode of instruction on each course component. For example, a lecture may be offered "Distance due to COVID" but a discussion section or lab may meet in-person or in a "Hybrid due to COVID" arrangement.

    For courses that are hybrid or distance, you should also note whether your course will have synchronous meetings or conduct its course asynchronously.  Courses that meet synchronously will have days and times listed for the class, and you will be expected to participate at that time.  Courses that meet asynchronously will not have days or times listed.  Some classes may also have notes to indicate more information about the format.

  • Exams

    Exams will be held in-person or remotely depending on your course. Please verify with each instructor.

  • Report Online and Remote Learning Concerns

    Please use this form to provide feedback about the transition to online/ remote teaching (questions, concerns, or feedback more broadly):

  • Advising

    Please continue to use my Calendly link to make, reschedule, or cancel advising appointments. There is a link to the Zoom Meeting room on Calendly. You can also email me to find an alternate appointment time if you have conflicts during these openings.

  • Adjusting your Study Habits During COVID

    Academic Innovation Online Learning Tips

    • Reflect on how you might need to adapt the strategies that have helped you become successful at UM. It might seem basic, but please think how you use your time, learn lecture material, and review for exams. We strongly encourage you to ask faculty for help when needed.
    • Success this semester will require some extra discipline on your part to stay on top of your coursework and you probably should put together a calendar for yourselves to keep up with the material. 
    • Matt Holliday will be holding advising appointments for the duration of the semester and you are encouraged to meet with him during this semester.
  • Questions

    If you have questions:

    • Individual course questions - your course coordinator
    • Office hours/content from a lecture - individual faculty member teaching the course
    • Technology: Scott Hamm
    • Advising, Support and any other questions:  Mark Nelson
  • College Resources and Support
  • Personal Resources

    Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP)

    U-M Libraries: Simplifying Access to Research Journals While Off-Campus

    Food Resources

    If you are concerned about food, M&B Pantry still is serving our students in need of food, for those who are remaining on campus for financial/personal reasons.  There are additional resources highlighted on the Food Gatherer’s website as well:

    Housing Issues

    If anyone is experiencing any housing issues/concerns please let Dean Nelson know.  Also, if anyone has room to host a classmate that does have a housing issue, or knows of available short term housing options, please let Dean Nelson know.

    International Students and PostDocs

    For international students, today the International Center launched a new resource page on COVID-19 resources for international students.  This is a good place to go for any immigration and status questions.

    Well-Being Resources

    Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID

    Maintain Your Emotional Well-being During COVID-19

    CAPS Services