August 18, 2020
Kyle Burghardt
Congratulations to Kyle Burghardt, PharmD’11, who has been recognized by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy as a 2020 New Investigator Award winner.

Kyle Burghardt, PharmD’11, has been recognized by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) as a 2020 New Investigator Award winner.

The goal of the New Investigator Award is to highlight the research program of an ACCP member who has made a major impact in an aspect of clinical pharmaceutical science. Nominees must have a research program with a significant publication record having a programmatic theme, or an especially noteworthy single publication.

Dr. Burghardt graduated from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy in 2011, continuing his education as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow from 2011-2014 in the College’s Pharmacogenomics Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Vicki Ellingrod, John Gideon Searle Professor of Pharmacy and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education. He currently serves as an assistant professor at Wayne State University’s Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

“Dr. Burghardt is a true pharmacist researcher that performs highly innovative translational research at the leading edge of precision medicine,” says Jolene Bostwick, PharmD, Assistant Dean for Co-curriculum and Professional Development and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy. “I believe that Dr. Burghardt’s findings will be one of the first in the crucial steps to enhance care of those with severe mental illness and beyond.”

“Dr. Burghardt recognizes that the merging of scientific areas is required to elevate science and make discoveries that will save patient lives,” adds Dr. Ellingrod. “It is this level of foresight and innovation that has made him successful as a junior investigator.”

“In addition to serving as one of his instructors during his time in the U-M PharmD program, I’ve worked with Dr. Burghardt on a research project involving the psychiatric outpatient position at the University of Michigan Depression Center. Our collaborative effort exposed me to Dr. Burghardt’s unique and innovative ideas in research as well as his methodical and measured approach to a research question,” explains Dr. Bostwick. “He was especially receptive to discussions that would improve the project and propel our research forward. We ultimately published our experiences in Current Psychiatry along with two physician collaborators and one other pharmacy collaborator.”

“Dr. Burghardt become a leader in his area of expertise, pharmacoepigenetics. This is a relatively new field in science and Dr. Burghardt’s clinical work is very novel for pharmacy and psychiatry in particular,” notes Dr. Bostwick. “As recognition of this, the quality and impact of Dr. Burghardt’s work has been honored by the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists’ Original Research Award 2019. I have no doubt that Dr. Burghardt’s expertise in pharmacoepigenetics will become internationally recognized and sought after as he continues his career.”